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QPS Travel

Founded in early retirement then discontinued for health reasons, has been reintroduced as a full service travel agency.  Affiliated with Montrose Travel a member of Ensemble Travel Group, QPS Travel now has the buying power of the top travel agencies, competitive pricing with most and incomparable service.  Compare prices with any travel quote on our 'Book Now' page.

PEP Pioneers

PEP Pioneers is a post pulmonary rehabilitation organization comprised of the graduates of the Providence Little Company of Mary Pulmonary Education Program in Torrance, CA.  Founded in 1978, PEP Pioneers is the oldest post pulmonary rehab patient group in the country and currently has nearly 200 members.  Please visit our site for more details..  

Micro Business Associates - (closed April 2009)

An authorized HP Business Partner and consortium of business professionals (marketing mavens) who are willing and able to share their years of accumulated success is helping other businesses attain their goals.

Calling on over 30 years of high technology sales and marketing experience, Dan has assembled a variety of professionals who can assist in growing and improving your business.  If you are an in-home,  startup or small business... your success is based on growing the sales and marketing of your products or services. 

Yet 98% of new businesses fail because they lack the resources, training or experience to do these tasks successfully.  We can help you learn the 3 most important characteristics that anyone who is serious about making a 6 or 7 figure income MUST possess. Find out how to position yourself as a leader and an expert in your field (trust me…this leads to huge, rapid growth when it's done correctly).  How to present a professional, corporate image (for pennies a day) even if operating from home. (closed April 2009) is here to help you through the most critical aspects of making your business tremendously profitable. 

Cheap Toll Free - (closed April 2009)

If you operate a small business from home, a store front or even an office building, you will absolutely get more business with our Toll Free phone services! For under $10.00 per month and 7 cents per minute you get a virtual office system that can handle hundreds of calls simultaneously, so you’ll never miss a call or an opportunity again!

But that is just the beginning! You also get 5 virtual phone lines that can provide your customers with product information, takes messages and forward your calls to 5 different people, departments, remote offices… or any series of different destinations. To learn more about how your business can sound and function like a major corporation please visit our sister site. (or call the above number 24/7 for recorded information and product literature.)

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